Rules and Regulations

Before Admission Please Read The Rules And Regulations Carefully & as a Student everybody must abide by these following Rules.

1. Registration Fee & Monthly Fee is always not Refundable or adjustable with another Substitute Person.
2. Monthly Fee should be paid always in advance, within 7 days from the individual's due date & after that a fine of Rs.100/- will be charged along with the Fee.
3. Every student has to pay monthly fee for every month whether the student was present or absent in the class.
4. Student who has not paid fee for 2 (Two) Consecutive months, will be considered as a defaulter, for further class needs a Re-Admission.
5. After Due Date Institute will not allow a Student to attend more than 2 (Two) classes.
6. Students must need to pay Yearly Once Annual Fee for Annual Cultural Programme & for Annual Examination Fee.
7. Student must reach the class 10 minutes before it starts.
8. Parents/Visitors are not allowed inside during class hours.
9. Parents should come to pick up their wards 10 minutes before the class gets over.
10. Students must bring their own instrument in the class & should Take Care of it.
11. Institute will provide instrument for initial Two (2) Hours Class & after that student must bring their Own Instrument.
12. Student interested to purchase instrument can contact Principal.
13. Student using institute's instrument more than Two (2) Hours Class, must be paying instrument Maintenance Fee.
14. Institute is not responsible any way for your belongings.
15. Students / Guardians are strictly advised not to exchange their contact details with any of our Employee/Teacher & they are not suppose to make any personal transaction with any of our Teacher/Staff. If there is any such a case, institute is no way responsible for that.
16. Discipline, Regularity and Punctuality should be maintained by Every Student. Institute reserved the right to cancel any student for any kind of misbehaviour.
17. Daily Practice is a must and it is the most important and essential part to master any Art. Institute has a right to stop a student if not practicing and improving day by day.
18. If a student damages any property / Instrument of the institute must have to pay the Damage Charges.
19. According to the Market Price Hike and Increment in Overhead Expenses, Institute will increase fees structure Every Year.
20. Weekly Two(2) hours classes for any subject will be provided.
21. If a Student misses any class, Compensation class will not be provided.
22. In case, if, a teacher misses any class, compensation class will be provided Compulsorily.
23. NO ENTRY for person in intoxicated condition.
24. Smoking is Strictly Prohibited in the institute zone.
25. Above 10 Years of age, Half pant is not allowed. Everyone should come to the institute wearing Decent Dress.